Potential utilization of soil



Potential utilization of soil animals in bioremediation Usually, abiotic conditions in the soil under bioremediation process are hostile for soil decomposer animals. The physical and chemical soil conditions may be outside the tolerance limits of most species, or animals may have been unable to colonize the soil due to limited dispersal. In addition, because animals do not harbour signicant metabolic ability to degrade the chemicals to be treated, one may argue that decomposer animals are not important in remediation processes. It should be noticed, however, that when di€erent kinds of organic wastes are composted, many soil animals, like earthworms, enchytraeids and mites, do have positive e€ects on the process by utilizing organic compounds in their own metabolism, and more importantly, by increasing metabolic activity of soil microbes. Stabilization of household wastes may even be faster in vermicomposting .



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